Individual Accounts

Self employment brings with it a mine-field of money-management, especially when you need to keep on top of several clients and incomes. By forwarding on your expenses and income, I can simplify the process of completing your self-assessment tax return (or even do it for you!). You could also benefit from the advantages of Cloud Accounting.

Sole Trader, Small Business, or Partnership Accounts

When running a small business, the last thing most people want to deal with is the recording of countless receipts and invoices. So pass them on either electronically, physically, or instantly via Cloud Accounting software. I will meticulously sort, process and record everything into a comprehensive and, more important, legible set of accounts. All of your ledgers and journals will be efficiently kept up to date and correct for you, so you can see where you business is and be better prepared for tax returns (or let us handle those for you too). 

Limited Company Accounts

One of the main advantages of using bookkeeping services is that I can drastically reduce your accountants' bills. Instead of having them do the time-costly leg-work of doing your bookkeeping at accountants' prices, I will do all that instead ... at bookkeeper's prices! You'd be surprised how much you can save, especially if your accountant still uses per hour pricing. I will prepare everything to trial balance, and then pass all the accounts on to your accountant ready for the year-end financial statements


If you're here, it is quite possibly because you want want to spend the TIME and EFFORT dealing with your own accounts - especially if you are not especially financially-savvy. Putting together your accounts involves needing to have at least a rudimentary understanding of what types of accounts you need (sales, purchases, debtors, creditors, control accounts, journals, etc), how to structure them, what transaction details to include or exclude. Then, once you've figured all that out - you have to actually DO your accounting! Each of those sales figures, invoice numbers, receipts, assets and liabilities need to be entered CORRECTLY so that your end of year figures are correct and can be used. This is something that takes time, especially if you are not an accounting professional. If you have the income to afford to outsource all of this - why not do just that and let me do the work for you, whilst you spend that precious time doing that you WANT to do?